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Deferrals from 2020 are welcome to pick an option below.

All deferrals must choose an option by 3/13/2021 (EXTENDED) or forfeit their deferral opportunity.

2021 Virtual Race

- You can defer to 2021 

- You must purchase any additional giveaways (optional)

- 2020 giveaways are still available during normal business hours at Rochester Running Company

2021 & 2022 Races

- Register for both races at once for a discounted price

- Registration includes giveaways for the 2022 race only.  

- 2021 giveaways are available for an extra cost at signup

2022 race

- You can defer to 2022

- You must purchase any additional giveaways (optional)

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions for claiming your deferral.


Q: "Are you saying I have to pay to race in 2021 or 2022?"

A- No.  You paid for 2020 swag and the 2020 race.

If you received your swag, the only thing left is racing.  You can do that in 2021 or 2022 and we are covering either one of those fees!

Q: "But wait, I never got my swag from 2020!"

A- We still have it! If you purchased a medal or just want your sweater or t-shirt we have it at Rochester Running Company and you can pick it up during normal business hours.

Q: "I'm still having trouble signing up.  Can you help?"

A: Sure! Email the option you'd like most and we will make it happen!

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